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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

I am older than .....

Hi everyone
I feel old today - for the first time in my life, I am older than the Prime Minister ! only just though he he
Apart form old - I feel cold ! have just put the cental heating on and its only just after lunch. When can I start wearing my ever increasing collection of summer skirts. Perhaps I should wear the jeans underneath ?
Anyway nice post today, amongst the pile was-
The latest Country Living and a Lakeland catalogue - lovely
Just flicking through the magazine while having lunch I spotted this basket £30 in John Lewis.
I got one almost the same from our local tip for £1 !  I used to get quite a few bargains from the tip but they dont seem to sell things anymore for some reason?

I also took delivery of the smallest Lakeland parcel ever, as I had a discount voucher I ordered just a few small things including one of these gadgets to tell when boiled eggs are cooked.
Does anyone know if they work? I know Mr V will roll his eyes and think its a waste of money !

As you know, we have four ex-battery hens and the lovely eggs do vary in size so it puts me off boiling them so anyway we will see how it works.
Whatever you are doing, enjoy the rest of the day. Midweek bottle of wine tonight to look foward to    mmmmmm cheers !


  1. Whilst I'm younger than 'Call me Dave' I am older than George Osbourne - scary!

    Whilst I've never done skirt & jeans - I live in dresses & jeans :)

  2. The postman brought me some good mail today, too. And I've also got the heating on - isn't it COLD still?

  3. i know what you mean about the cold I too have put the heating back on as I couldn't stand wearing a coat in doors anymore!!!
    can you let me know if your egg timer works as we seem to get more hard boiled than dippy and it takes me 8 eggs to make 4!!!!

  4. Eeek I'm a bit older than George Osbourne too..but I have cooler hair than him!!
    David Cameron is just a few years older than me though..
    I love dresses and skirts over jeans..I think the layered look is so pretty especially shabby florals with faded jeans and a sweet pair of pumps or much to my childrens horror crocs!!
    Em xx

  5. I love UK Country living Magazines. We are about two months behind here!! Eggs look fab.....don't know about the jeans under the skirts though!


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