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Hi Thank you for visiting my blog. My name is Sue and I live with my lovely husband who I will call Mr V and our nine year old daughter Miss V in a small town in South Devon. Everyone who lives here talks about it as The Village so that will be my blog name- Vintage fron the Village Also in our family are two cats, two guinea pigs some tropical fish and a pond with goldfish I have always loved making things and love pretty vintage things which I hope to sell as well to fund my passion! I am addicted to buying fabric,ribbons, buttons,wool etc and love to visit charity shops and car boot sales.I love glasses of wine, gardening, crochet (easy stuff!) and I am a big E-Bay fan ! I also love to read other people's blogs which inspired me to start my own. I look foward to hearing from you Best wishes Sue

Monday, 17 May 2010

Dinner lady !

Hello again
I hope you all had a good weekend. I went to a table top sale on saturday but apart from a packet of rock hard homemade biscuits all I bought was a tapestry frame to sell on.
Then I dropped Miss V off at a party and went to a school fair to raid the bric a brac stall. It is in a tiny village and we couldn't park to Mr V reluctantly  was delighted and relieved to stay in the car with the engine running while dashed around the fair.
I bought a big pile of good quality kids clothes to sell on and a few plants all for less than £2 so that was good.
Next we went to a small antiques and collectors fair but that wasn't much good really. I did ask about a small sewing basket full of contents but it was £10 and I thought it was too much.
Yesterday we went to a car boot sale but as it was drizzling there wern't many cars there .
I did get some hard back craft books to sell on though.

Anyway back to the picture of the 'snazzy' red apron, remember I was telling you about the dinner lady job I didn't get? 
 At 11.45 this morning I had a phone call from the school saying would I like to go along in the next few minutes as they were short staffed I could have a go !
I didn't have time to get nervous thank goodness- off I trotted and I enjoyed it. All a bit strange as I have never worked with kids before and lots to watch out for, anyway I am on the relief list and this week I am working Tues, Wed and Thurs and getting paid !!
I will be having nightmares dreaming of messy yoghurt pots tonight I expect

Have a lovely evening
Sue x


  1. Hi Sue
    good luck for the rest of the week
    Cate x

  2. Fantastic! Enjoy! But not the mess hey?! XX

  3. Congrats. have a great time.

  4. Sounds like you got some good bits and bobs to sell on. Enjoy being a dinner lady x

  5. Good Luck ! Hope you enjoy it, always remember the big people are in charge and you should be fine !

  6. Congratulations, have a lovely time. :) xx


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