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Hi Thank you for visiting my blog. My name is Sue and I live with my lovely husband who I will call Mr V and our nine year old daughter Miss V in a small town in South Devon. Everyone who lives here talks about it as The Village so that will be my blog name- Vintage fron the Village Also in our family are two cats, two guinea pigs some tropical fish and a pond with goldfish I have always loved making things and love pretty vintage things which I hope to sell as well to fund my passion! I am addicted to buying fabric,ribbons, buttons,wool etc and love to visit charity shops and car boot sales.I love glasses of wine, gardening, crochet (easy stuff!) and I am a big E-Bay fan ! I also love to read other people's blogs which inspired me to start my own. I look foward to hearing from you Best wishes Sue

Friday, 30 April 2010

Strip teas !

Hi again, well, what I have I been up to this week?  One project was using these narrow strips of fabric I bought when I went to the quilting show in Exeter recently. I made a nice big mug of tea ( now I have these nice big Cath mugs I hate using normal sized ones )
and set about fraying all the edges - I will show you what I did with them next week - thats the tease bit ( thought I better not use proper spelling in the header in case family protection blocks anyone reading it !!)
I have been selling lots of clothes etc on ebay so have made a tiny dent in the ever increasing piles.
I have also opened an Etsy shop as not had much luck on Misi. I havn't listed anything yet but hope to do so next week so I will keep you up to date with that
I went to a car boot sale last Sunday and bought this fab crochet blanket, gave it a nice wash and its listed on ebay if anyone is interested.
I also bought some other things but the photos are on my phone and I have left it downstairs so I will upload them next week.
There is a car boot sale at our local donkey sanctuary on Sunday where my Mum and Sister will be selling , so hope the weather is ok as I am looking foward to that and its not far to go.
Well I better go as there is sewing stuff all over the dining table which I have to put away, then cooking a nice tea and bottle of wine - aah that Friday feeling
See ya and have a great long weekend
Sue xx (oh no, it's raining !)

Friday, 23 April 2010

Rosy cardi

Just a quick post to show you the great CK inspired cardigan I just bought in Primark - £11  !  The white door in the background doesn't show it off to its best but it looked fab in the shop with a bright pink t-shirt underneath
Anyway I have just looked the weather for the weekend ant looks like rain is on its way, so I must get the bedding washed and hung out because in this part of the country once it rains its likely to last about two weeks
Have a great weekend everyone
Sue x

Thursday, 22 April 2010

The alsation story!

Hi Everyone, where did that week go? I just realised I havn't done a post for a whole week, anyway here I am again.
Last weekend we went on a caravan break to Shaldon in South Devon (near Teignmouth)
On the way there we passed a sign saying 'garage sale' - my heart missed a beat and I shouted STOP! but it was on a main road and Mr V used the excuse that there was nowhere to pull in - oh no what was I missing?
 Anyway off we went to the caravans (we had two as my Mum ,as one of my sisters and her family were also there) It is a lovely small site and Miss V and her cousins have a great time as they can wander down to the play park on their own (yipee, gone are the days of sitting waiting for them to fall off things). We had great weather but it was really cold at night. The next day my other sister was driving up to join us for the day, first job was to ring her and ask her to bring extra duvets, hot water bottles and blankets !
The next morning- brother in-law to be offered to take those interested to the garage sale while Mr V stayed with the kids - yipee!
I bought, some teddy bear making books and fabric - to sell on ebay
a pearly necklace
an Aynsley china posy
and much to my sisters amusement an alsation dog ornament ! anyway I will hopefully have the last laugh as it turns out to be Sylvac and there is one the same on ebay for £79
Anybody want him? !
He caused much family amusement that weekend, as he was sat on the caravan fireplace looking just the part .

Above is Miss V taking a diving lesson
Here is a view of Teignmouth from the pier

I hope you had a good weekend too, the next one is almost upon us already !
Sue x

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Alice at Antony House

Hello again
The sun is shining today , the central heating is on - just for an hour ey !!
On Sunday we went on a little trip to Antony House at Torpoint find link here
They filmed some of the garden scenes from the new Alice in Wonderland film here
We havn't seen the film yet but thought we would go there first

We went on the car ferry to Torpoint then it is only a few minutes drive to the house.

There are some things to look at and some people dressed up as characters acting out scenes for the children to join in with
We had a cream tea in the sun

Mr V was rolling his eyes when I was taking the photo saying  ' why would anyone be interested in seeing a photo of a tea pot'  !!
I think he was thinking that at that price we should have been allowed to keep the tea pot !!
Then Miss V spotted a friend from school so we chatted to her parents  while the girls played

Then, a  friend texted and said would we like to pop round for a glass of wine in her garden on the way home - what a nice day !
Tomorrow we are off to a caravan at Shaldon near Teignmouth for the weekend, we go every year with my Mum, sister , her fiancee and Miss V's two cousins. I hope the weather is good as the site is by the sea (well the estuary near the sea) and  you can eat outside , so fingers crossed.
Have a good weekend, all back to normal next week
Sue x
PS . Is anyone watching that new antiques programme (forgotten the name sorry) - I loved her shabby chic dining room.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Sunny Monday

Hi  I know its over a week since Easter but I have just downloaded the photos from my mobile phone at last and this is one I took when we went on an easter egg hunt at Saltram House last weekend. I thought it was very sweet ! The schools are still on Easter holidays so I thought I would show you.
Anyway, I did make it to the much looked foward to jumble sale. Off I went to South Brent to the village hall. I knew it would be a job to park as the village doesn't seem to be designed for cars- very quaint but I think it would drive me loopy if I lived there.
I drove down a country lane lookinf for somewhere to park and as is always the case , a van was two inches behind me so I just had to keep going as it was very narrow and then went up a hill and then there was a horse and rider in the way- nightmare.
In the end the van turned off and I had to do about a 6 point turn in someone's driveway and drive back down to the hall and found a parking place in the road.
I was pleased to arrive after all that and had to take two nurofen before I joined the queue !!
This is what I bought
The first thing I spotted right across the hall was the Cath Kidston bag !! was worth all the hassle just for that !
A lovely letter rack with forget me nots on
A rather strange coat hanger with parrots on
A brand new apron with chickens on
Some children's books for Miss V (no photo as scattered around the house already)
A vintage 1980's Laura Ashley dress  ! I will be either selling it as it is or selling it as vintage fabric
There- quite pleased with that lot

Will be back soon with tales of the rest of the weekend, before I go a good friend of mine Debbie has just set up a Misi shop to sell the candles she has started making, the first ones she has listed are trifle lookalikes in vintage glass sundae dishes
Have look if you like -http://www.waxfactor.misi.co.uk/

Hope the sun is shining where you are, poor washing machine is worn out !

Best wishes
Sue xx

Saturday, 10 April 2010

I made it to the jumble sale !

Just a very quick post- I made it to the jumble sale despite Mr V protesting it was such a nice day we should be off to the beach
I will be back next week to show you what I found
Enjoy rest of the weekend
Sue x

Friday, 9 April 2010

Your advice please Ladies (and possibly Gentlemen?)

The above picture is not relevant to the question but it was a nice birthday card I had and I thought it is a lovely picture !

Anyway, what do I do about selling my wares?

 I have been selling crafts at fairs and all sorts of things on Ebay for ages which I love but when I started doing this full time (for as long as I can get away with anyway!) I thought I would go a bit more specialised and have a Misi shop, I know its early days but I have only had one sale from it and am finding it a bit of a job juggling blog,ebay and Misi and have not got that much listed on Misi (probably why I have not sold much!)
I see lots of you have seperate blogs to sell things - how does it go? obviously cheaper but more limited audience?
Or what about Etsy (dollars put me off?) or Folksy etc
or should I put it all on Ebay (fairly expensive but am doing lots on there anyway so I find it easy)
I would love your comments

Well I better get some things done, Miss V was unexpectedly (spelling doesn't look right here?) invited to the beach with a friend so I have a child free gap in the day :)

Have a great weekend and I hope the sun stays out

Sue x

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Aah home to a nice cup of tea !

Hello , is it Thursday already?  Bit of a funny week with it being the school holidays and Miss V home so not had much chance to write a post but I have been reading lots of them
The weather has certainly brightened up now and its great to hang the washing out and to see our chickens enjoying the sun instead of looking like drowned rats

Today Miss V and I went to Totnes , a town not too far from here. First we went to the scrap store. It was sad as it is closing down today, so naughty me goes along for the first time in about a year to see whats going cheap he he
I bought some bits of fabric and a few other bits but nothing very exciting, anyway its a shame it is closing.

Next we met up with a friend and her daughter and went to China Blue which is a china painting cafe sort of place with a lovely gift shop. After lunch and a natter the girls painted some china. I was trying to save some money so I didn't do one myself this time but |I do love it.

Then we drove home via the village of South Brent there is a jumble sale there on Saturday so we drove three times around all the narrow streets looking for the village hall so I can get there quickly on Sat and suss out the parking etc, found it in the end so I hope I can go after all that !
Home now to a nice cup of tea and to wash the fabric I bought - lovely day

Hope all is going well with everyone
Will be back again soon as I need some advice from you all !
Best wishes
Sue x

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Happy Easter To All

Hi All, I hope you are having a good weekend .
The postman brought these lovely wooden buttons I ordered from Ebay all the way from China.
I dont know what I will use them for yet, but I am really pleased with them.
I dropped Miss V off at Granny's house after lunch then had a look around the shops 'child free'
in Saltash which is the first town you come to when you drive over the Tamar Bridge in to Cornwall. I lived in the town from about the age of nine until I left home so I know my way around very well.
There are about five charity shops, I bought a few bits but they were very busy and expensive as usual. Anyway it very pleasant.
Tomorrow, Mr V and I are off to Thruxton to the Touring Car racing - I hope this rain stops or it will be miserable. It is quite a long drive from here but at least it's do-able in a day.
What a good wife I am as will be missing the once a year huge car boot sale they have at  Tesco . Anyway if it's still raining it will be rubbish anyway ey
Yesterday we went on an Easter Egg hunt so I will show you some photos when I try and work out again how to get the photos off my phone !!
Well enjoy the rest of the weekend
Sue x
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