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Hi Thank you for visiting my blog. My name is Sue and I live with my lovely husband who I will call Mr V and our nine year old daughter Miss V in a small town in South Devon. Everyone who lives here talks about it as The Village so that will be my blog name- Vintage fron the Village Also in our family are two cats, two guinea pigs some tropical fish and a pond with goldfish I have always loved making things and love pretty vintage things which I hope to sell as well to fund my passion! I am addicted to buying fabric,ribbons, buttons,wool etc and love to visit charity shops and car boot sales.I love glasses of wine, gardening, crochet (easy stuff!) and I am a big E-Bay fan ! I also love to read other people's blogs which inspired me to start my own. I look foward to hearing from you Best wishes Sue

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Just an update after my manic day !!

After I blogged last night, I went downstairs to watch Fawlty Towers , I was carrying a cup of tea, two yoghurts (lids still on the pots) and two spoons into the lounge when - guess what...
One of the yoghurts dropped from my hand, the lid came off and a whole pot of bright pink black cherry went right across the cream (well it was cream when we first got it he he) carpet
What a day !
I am helping walk Miss V's school class down to the swimming pool and back later - do you think this is wise??!!

Have a good day - off to catch up with the washing !
Sue x

Monday, 20 September 2010

Just another manic Monday .......

Hello to you, I think I may have used this picture some time ago on a post but it seems quite suitable !
After quite a pleasant weekend , it was a busy and expensive day today

7.15 am - phone rings to say new washing machine is on its way in the next 20 mins !
have very quick shower and make Mr V's sandwiches

7.40 am - washing machine arrives and old one gets removed. This is all a good thing as I have not been able to do any washing for a week and since Mr V had to unplumb the old one yesterday it was in the middle of the kitchen floor while I was trying to cook a roast yesterday.
If you have seen the size of my kitchen you will know that must have been fun !

Meanwhile Miss V comes down and is all very interested in the goings on and with the other hand I am seeing Mr V off to his new job which he started today

8.40 am - walk Miss V to school - phew. New washing machine replaces old one in the middle of kitchen floor all day while waiting for Mr V to come home and plumb it in !

A bit later on, garage rings to say a tow truck is on its way to take away the car (thank goodness we have 2 ) this a drama carrying on from last week -  the battery appears to be flat and jump leads didn't work.
Garage rings to say the alternator is broken and this will be a lot more than a battery !

Luckily we live within walking distance of Miss V's school and the post office and shops, so off I trotted with my Ebay pile.
Popped in the charity shops on the way home, one of them had a new rail in the centre full of clothes, didn't look on it as one of the mums from school was in there ! While walking past on the way to the bric a brac rack the rail collapsed and broke and about 30 items of clothing fell onto me ! Was a flimsy rail completly overloaded but a bit embarrassing !

Anyway the new washing machine is on and all seems fine- still in the middle of kitched just in case there are any leaks !!!

Right then after all that I am now hopefully going to make a start on listing the crochet patterns for half an hour before bed

Hope your day ran a bit more smoothly and cheaply !

Love Sue x

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Saucer memories !

Hello again
I am not getting much done this week, Mr V has had a day off work so I have been off on another jolly !
Today we deceided on a little trip to Kingsbridge in South Devon. Even though its not that far away, I have never been shopping there.
It was a bit like Totnes in layout but a lot of posh clothes and interiors shops which I didn't venture into.
I was impressed to see quite a few charity shops though which I certainly did venture into !
I actually found one which was a proper junky cheap charity shop for a change, not full of books only pence cheaper then Amazon !!
I got this saucer for 20p - we had this set when I was a young child. Dont know why I bought it really but I might find a cup to match one day !
We walked down to the quay and had a bowl of soup in a place called Creeks End
I got a binder of crochet patterns which I had a lovely time splitting down to sell, so I know a lot of you do crochet so I will give you the nod when I list them.

Well, I had better go and collect Miss from Brownies

Enjoy your evening
Sue x

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Vintage listings and Laura Ashley fabric

Well hello again, its Wednesday already !
The weather is a bit better than yesterday so I am more inspired today, the daylight coming through the curtains in the morning is great and I am not looking foward to the dark mornings !
even Mr V commented on why was I so full of beans at breakfast time !
I have been doing some long overdue sewing, the dining table is still covered in it all but I have popped up to do a quick blog post before collecting Miss V from school.
Not much news really- more swanning around shops and coffee shops- Tavistock on Monday and Modbury yesterday- beats proper working ey !
I have listed some vintage goodies on Ebay so here are a few photos for you
Martha Stewart book of recipes and decorations
Midwinter cake plate
A vintage Dorma sheet
Vintage St.Michael pillowcases
Cross stitch kit

and last but certainly not least ........................
Vintage Laura Ashley patchwork fabric packs (these two not yet listed but will be shortly- any offers more than welcome !!)

Lots more including loads more knitting patterns for funky scarves , cushions hats etc coming soon.

Oh no- its gone 3pm- have to go for now !

Best wishes
Sue x

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Giveaway parcel received !!

Hello again, well the week is over half over already !
Wednesday is mid week bottle of wine and posher tea night after Miss V gone to bed. Mr V and I always look foward to this as it breaks the week up and its suprising how often he maybe has something on at work he wasn't looking foward to or something falls on a Wednesday and we say - thank goodness its wine night !
Anyway on to the news - On Monday I was a good girl and thought it was about time I hoovered upstairs - for some reason I hadn't got around to doing it all the summer holidays . When I came back down there was a flippin red card from the postman saying I need to collect a parcel.
Good about a parcel but blimmin typical that I didn't hear the door bell while doing a boring thing !
So yesterday I collected it on my way to my legs b-ms and tums class (also not managed to do all summer hols) , inside was a lovely pile of pink presents !
It was the giveaway I was lucky enough to win from Lalabibaby
Look at it all, what a lovely collection ! It cost so much to post as well what with the really heavy book- thank you so much, I am really pleased.
My favourite thing if I had to pick one is the old magazine from 1954
I love old magazines they are so funny with their advice and articles- look at the agony aunt !
Bless her ey ! you had better take her advice or there would be trouble
also a great article about how to go out looking well presented and well groomed - quite right too ey ha ha !
So thanks again Debbie

Talking of giveaways - one I spotted today that looks good is over at Sidmouth Poppy
dont enter though so I have more chance of winning _ only joking !

Well I better get some things done- I think the washing machine is broken :(  not worth having it repaired again as its had a hard life of 8 good years and all through Miss V being a baby and two house moves

Is anyone watching that School Lottery programme ? We feel so lucky as we only have one secondary school in 'the village' and luckily its very good so Miss V will automatically go there with all her local friends.
Hopefully it will still be good when that time comes. I really feel for people who have big decisions to make.

I have loads of 'vintagy' things to list on ebay soon so I will give you all a sneak preview soon

See ya and hope you enjoy your Wednesday evening - cheers !
Sue x

Friday, 3 September 2010

Giveaway result at last - sorry for the delay !

Hi again, first of all I apologise for the dreadfull quality of these photos. I promised Miss V that she could arrange the winner of my Vintage Magazine giveaway and we ended up doing it about 9pm last night when I was trying to get her off to bed. The camera was upstairs so I made do with my phone and it doesn't have a flash.
Anyway this is Sponge bob squarepants (you may know the TV character?!) he is a china money box Miss V painted recently so having written all the names on slips of paper she posted them in to the slot on his head.
Then we removed the rubber bung and a name fell out- it was ..............................

                                          The Vintage Gardener

So I will be wrapping the mags up and posting as soon as possible (Gill please let me know your address)
( I always feel bad that everyone cant win dont you?) Thanks to all who entered anyway.

Now you are in a frenzy of giveaway excitement some other news is - I am the winner of a giveaway ! more news on that when the package arrives !

Another great giveaway I have entered is over  at  Ted and Bunny

Well Miss V went back to school yesterday- so far so good apart from the shoes. I have always bought her Clarks shoes for school , cheaper than it used to be as she spent the summer in Crocs (£1 copy ones) and flip flops
this time she insisted she wanted shoes without straps on so she got a pair in Peacocks which she thought were perfect anyway day two of school arrives to complaints of they are rubbing and one of them is too small - flase economy there then :(
I feel a trek to Clarks coming on tomorrow and £35 worse off = £40 for the £5 wasted

On a brighter note- we are going to a Christening on Sunday, I hope the good weather keeps up as the dress I am planning to wear is rather summery !

Have a great weekend

Sue x
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