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Hi Thank you for visiting my blog. My name is Sue and I live with my lovely husband who I will call Mr V and our nine year old daughter Miss V in a small town in South Devon. Everyone who lives here talks about it as The Village so that will be my blog name- Vintage fron the Village Also in our family are two cats, two guinea pigs some tropical fish and a pond with goldfish I have always loved making things and love pretty vintage things which I hope to sell as well to fund my passion! I am addicted to buying fabric,ribbons, buttons,wool etc and love to visit charity shops and car boot sales.I love glasses of wine, gardening, crochet (easy stuff!) and I am a big E-Bay fan ! I also love to read other people's blogs which inspired me to start my own. I look foward to hearing from you Best wishes Sue

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

How now brown cow

Hi there, the picture bears no resemblace to the post , it is just a brown cow we saw looking over a fence on a little walk we went on in the summer !
Anyway, its been great weather again today. I have just been clearing a few summer plants and dead tomatoes from some pots and re-filled them with bulbs, bellis daisies and forget me knots (these were 10p a pot from a table top sale - bargain)
I dont do much planting in the garden these days because of the chickens but the decking is my sanctuary as fenced off.
I went down to the 'village' this morning and went into the hardware/ cook shop to get one of those over door hanger things as ours broke and Mr V's suits came tumbling down.
I could only get another plastic one not metal so watch this space !

While I was in there I spotted their range of knitting wool had increased - goody goody
I saw some fab multicoloured chunky wool and a great pattern for one of those short sleeve cardigans with one button . Pattern says it takes ten balls and the wool was £3.50 a ball - what !!  Knitting used to be cheaper not dearer.
I have just come on the good old internet to see if I can buy it cheaper (yes I know I should support the local shop but I dont like the staff much !) and I cant flippin remember the name of it !
I will have to sneak back in there for a peep. I dont like to ask if they do what they used to call a lay-by service as I have a feeling she will think I am mad !
I was also impressed by their new range of Cath kidston mugs as well. Some of them were new designs to me. I already have 2 of them (the big ones) so I may put another on my christmas list.

Right then I better get some things done, I cant wait until The Apprentice tonight !
Have a great evening
Sue xx


  1. Hey, thanks for checking out my blog :-)
    It's ridiculous the price of wool these days, luckily there's a shop by me that has donated wool which you just pay what you want and the proceeds go to Air Ambulance :-) Hope you can find a cheaper alternative!! And I look forward to seeing more of your blog xx

  2. My local wool shop still has a lay away service and a very big bag of wool laid away for me!!
    Em xxx

  3. So sad, nothing is cheap anymore is it? Sounds like you have been catching up with a lot of things.

    I have changed my blog address Sue, please check to see if yours still works, as some followers links arent.

    Have a great day!
    Pam x

  4. Hi there... Maybe you could help me?!
    I bought 2 tomato plants this year... and they now look more or less dead.
    I`m wondering if they will come back again next year... or that`s it... FOR GOOD!
    In another words... should I get rid or keep them?
    Thanks for your time!



  5. P.S- This week I bought a cute vintage rose tapestry... on ebay... which is very similar to the one on one of your photos...
    I wonder if it was yours?



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