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Hi Thank you for visiting my blog. My name is Sue and I live with my lovely husband who I will call Mr V and our nine year old daughter Miss V in a small town in South Devon. Everyone who lives here talks about it as The Village so that will be my blog name- Vintage fron the Village Also in our family are two cats, two guinea pigs some tropical fish and a pond with goldfish I have always loved making things and love pretty vintage things which I hope to sell as well to fund my passion! I am addicted to buying fabric,ribbons, buttons,wool etc and love to visit charity shops and car boot sales.I love glasses of wine, gardening, crochet (easy stuff!) and I am a big E-Bay fan ! I also love to read other people's blogs which inspired me to start my own. I look foward to hearing from you Best wishes Sue

Friday, 10 June 2011

Covered in roses - Cath Kidson ones !

 Hello again

Hope you have all had a good week. It has flown by here, probably because it was no school on Monday.

Anyway last weekend Mr V and I had a child free weekend so off we went to Bristol
First we went to a antiques and vintage fair at the West of England University just outside Bristol at their Frenchay campus
I bought an apron to sell on and Mr V bought a coin for his collection. It was quite good and reasonable prices, a lovely location in a new spacious conference centre, a huge cafe area and no crowds. Would go again even though quite a long way from here.

The main reason for heading 'up north' was to spend my Cath Kidston voucher I had for my birthday back in March

We found a nearby car park  (thank goodness for sat nav!) and the shop stood there in all its glory and I could have almost anything I wanted  yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
 Look at my rosy stash ! a rucksack, purse,ironing board cover, face flannel, tape measure, shoe bag, beaded food covers and some tissues
What a lot I got !
 My ironing board must be small because the cover is huge and covers the grey flat bit at the end as well ?
A lovely day out we had.
On the Sunday I went to a local car boot sale and then to Tesco for breakfast (we know how to live!)  then across the moors to Yelverton to Buckland Abbey
we stumbled on another car boot sale on the way - perfect !
Yelverton is a fairly posh plcae and it was one of those lovely boot sales with people who dont do them very often selling nice things instead of plastic toys (car boot snob I am)
I bought loads of table cloths and things and have been very busy washing and ironing it all....
 We finally arrived at Buckland Abbey (a National Trust house where Sir Francis Drake lived)
It was a Jaguar and Aston Martin owners club day and there were some lovely cars there -
one day ey !!??

 We had a look around and drooled over the cars and the gardens. Lots more roses to look at and one of my favourites - Love -in-a-mist. I had this in my wedding bouquet and saved the seed and have it in my garden every year from those original wedding flowers

 Also I managed to squeeze in a bit of sewing, making some   Thank You Teacher gifts to sell and for Miss V's teachers
Last but not least I have huge pile of Crochet Monthly magazines which I am selling for just 90p start price on


  1. I had my bit of CK shopping in Cornwall. Couldn't go without it! ;)
    Please let me know where you are selling those crochet magazines, please? I would love to have look and purchase. :D

  2. Sounds like a perfect weekend, I havent managed to get to a CK for a while now so feeling in need of a visit. Scarlett x

  3. Ha, co-incidences. my 3rd son was at UWE in Bristol for 2 years, and my OH has relatives in Plymouth, so we always stay at a B&B in Yelverton when we visit. never been to Buckland Abbey though.
    And, I LOVE love-in-the-mist.

  4. Some lovely CK goodies there. My ironing board cover also covers the whole board - kind of used to it now.

  5. Wow, you had a lovely treat - what a lovely weekend. I've got a lot of Crochet Monthly - I love just looking through the projects. I loved the one they did some crochet swans. Thanks for popping by and leaving a comment today.

  6. I remember the Tesco breakfast and such good value too. You have the best bacon over there!

    Loving all of your CK purchases. I always find it hard to choose what I am going to buy because we don't have them here, it is such a rosey novelty for us. Like a kid in a candy store.

    Have a great weekend
    Pam x


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