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Hi Thank you for visiting my blog. My name is Sue and I live with my lovely husband who I will call Mr V and our nine year old daughter Miss V in a small town in South Devon. Everyone who lives here talks about it as The Village so that will be my blog name- Vintage fron the Village Also in our family are two cats, two guinea pigs some tropical fish and a pond with goldfish I have always loved making things and love pretty vintage things which I hope to sell as well to fund my passion! I am addicted to buying fabric,ribbons, buttons,wool etc and love to visit charity shops and car boot sales.I love glasses of wine, gardening, crochet (easy stuff!) and I am a big E-Bay fan ! I also love to read other people's blogs which inspired me to start my own. I look foward to hearing from you Best wishes Sue

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Nearly 50 ? !

Hi again
 No not me nearly 50 (but no that many years to go boo hoo ) I have 48 lovely followers !
I am so pleased, if I have 50 by the time I come back from holiday I will have a little give away of the magazine I was talking about, might be a bit dog eared and filled with sand by the time you get it but that will add to its vintage character !
Dont put you names down yet or I will get in a muddle, I will let you know in a couple of weeks or so.
The picture is Miss V who at the moment cant walk more than about ten steps without doing a hand stand or cartwheel !
Mr V's birthday today, his present(from generous mum in law)  was a blu-ray player and speakers etc which was delivered and installed (thank goodness) first thing this morning, only downside is , it has a big black speaker box mmm I half jokingly suggested I make a patchwork cover for it but it didn't go down too well!!  I wont say any more though as he did want 5 flippin speakers and didn't choose that one as I didn't want them on the walls
Anyway, big chinese takeaway tonight and compulsory wine - lovely

Enjoy the rest of the weekend

Sue x


  1. I love chinese but Mr T hates it.Wish him happy B.

  2. Your evening sounds fab! I so wish we all lived closer, I would be round there like a shot.
    I thought, with these surround sound speakers, you hid them behind chairs and the likes, so you got the effect???? Anyhow, Brill handstand Miss V! I love cartwheeling too! Plus doing the splits, and daisy chains! I wonder why the kids don't leave me alone when I am on playground duty? hee hee! X

  3. Hi Sue, Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog. I have nearly 50 followers too! It's exciting isn't it? Hope the Chinese and wine went down well!
    Have a wonderful week.

  4. Ooooh look you've got 50 followers now!!!
    Why is it that Men are so obsessed with stuff like big speakers or TV's with huge screens???
    I argued and argued that we really did not need a television that made the characters on it almost life sized, I just don't know if I could cope with a life sized Zack Dingle shouting in my living room.
    Hope you're all having a lovely holiday and well done to Miss V for the cartwheels...Evie is cartwheeling her way around too!
    Em xxx


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